You're So Vain: Curiosity Rover Takes A Picture Of Itself

September 10, 2012


Because apparently even robotic rovers need to update their Facebook profile picture from time to time, Curiosity took this picture of its face (actually its mast -- the "eye" is its rock burning laser blaster) and beamed it back to earth. No word if Curiosity plans to start taking naked pictures of itself in the bathroom mirror, but I bet EVE would look at them. And you know what? So would I. But only to see where its privates are so I know where to kick in a street fight.

Thanks to Gobbule, who was banned from Facebook for posting pictures of his butt. Hehehehehe!

  • ZomBBombeR

    I agree with GW on this one Curiosity is just entering into the development of vanity, other human'esque features soon to come.

  • Is that Johnny 5?

  • Mighty Molecule

    "..who's johnny? she said.."

  • rikster81

    as long as there is no rover turd in the background we are good.

  • Closet Nerd

    No duck lips.... that's because Curiosity doesn't equal WHORE [just experimental]

    ...... just sayin

  • Guest

    He want's to send his buddy's at NASA a pic o' him @ Mars. However it's missing a robotic peace sign. >:\

  • Closet Nerd

    I'd send my buddy's a picture of my ass from Mars!
    ..... just sayin

  • At least it didn't duckface

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    ...but it clearly has an Instagram filter

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