Yeah You Did: Fan Wraps Truck In Star Wars Graphics

September 5, 2012


This is Trey Laymon's Ford Raptor that he decked out in Star Wars graphics. Obviously, it's not the truck to rob a bank in. But it is DEFINITELY the truck to eat a double cheeseburger in while you drive. I'd recommend washing that puppy down with a strawberry shake too. One time I ate a gas station tuna salad sandwich in my car so fast it got stuck in my throat and I had to puke out the window while driving, 100% true story.

Walking around the car, you see the front engulfed in flames (probably flames of Dark Force midi-chlorians or something), the doors have a large Galactic Empire emblem on them, and just beyond that, standing with his head over the rear side window and his lightsaber extended down the upper edge of the bed, we have everyone's favorite dad, Darth Vader, who also appears emerging from flames on the hood.

Hidden behind the rear wheelarch and seemingly welding the taillight is Darth Maul, the red horn-faced Sith we all love. The tailgate presents a vast panoramic group portrait of many Star Wars characters, and around the other side we find bounty hunter Boba Fett and his ship, Slave 1, then a couple of storm troopers palling around on the passenger side.

Themed cars: I don't really get them. Personally, I only care about one theme in a car: operational. It could look like the biggest piece of two-tone, rusty shit in the whole world, but as long as it goes, I'll drive it (but with a mask on so nobody knows it's me).

Hit the jump for a tour around the truck.






Thanks to jedi GK, who wants a truck like this so bad he's thinking about robbing the Mos Eisley Cantina. Just be careful if Han is there, bro.

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