WTF Was That?!: Robotic Crying Monkey (Nightmare Fuel)

September 20, 2012


This is a video of a robotic monkey mounted to a shopping cart that cries and sprays water everywhere and makes what can only be described as the worst sound you'll hear all day. You know, there should be laws against stuff like this. If I'm not allowed to pee on the sidewalk (facing a wall so nobody can see my peter!) people shouldn't be allowed to make terrifying robotic monkeys. It's simple logic, folks. Trust me, I was a poly-sci major -- I know things. "Like?" Like I really should have switched majors.

Hit the jump for the WTF did I just watch?

Thanks to James K, but not really because I could have gone my entire life without seeing that.

  • Charles Nordeen

    I'm trying to get in contact with the person who made this. Does anyone know who or how I could get in touch with them?

  • Matthew Anderson

    Replace homeless people with these = instant better world...
    (Not intended to be PC.)

  • Incredible. I would love to see more pneumatic(?) robots like this.

  • Zequi

    Stop it, people! You're making the robot-monkey cry!!

  • ZomBBombeR

    That thing is creepy as all hell. I agree people shouldn't be aloud to do this.

  • ZomBBombeR

    edit: just slow ass interwebs

  • Ffyc! That is just plain disturbing.

  • Rod the Retard

    oh god, just kill this abnormity. its not supposed to live.

  • Slither74
  • Sounds pretty rickety and looks like a waste of time and effort...

  • Guest

    That monkey bot is scarier than those retro gas masks.

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