WTF?: Buzz Lightyear And Ninja Turtle Balloon Costumes

September 25, 2012


No f***ing way!

These are two videos from Balloon Distractions featuring Buzz Lightyear and Ninja Turtle costumes made entirely out of twisting balloons. They are most impressive. I love how dude really gets into character too. He's all, "This is Buzz Lightyear, space ranger!" and "Cowabunga dude! I love being a TUUUUUUWTLE!" That turtle part had me rolling on the ground laughing. ROGL -- I just invented that. "It's a blatant rip off." Yeah? Well maybe your face should be ripped off. Zombies, attack!

Hit the jump for a video of each, you definitely don't want to miss the screaming ninja turtle though, that was amazing.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who tried making a Power Rangers balloon costume out of regular round helium balloons and ended up looking like less of a Power Ranger and more like the House from Up.

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