World's Largest Cheeseburger Weighs A Literal Ton

September 5, 2012


The Black Bear Casino Resort in Minnesota recently broke the world record for largest burger with this 2,014-pound, 10-foot round bacon cheeseburger. My God what I'd give to jump in that thing and swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck in his money. Obviously, it is NOT a cheeseburger in paradise. Get it? Minnesota -- not my ideal tropical vacation.

Guinness Records representative Philip Robertson verified the record for biggest burger. He called the feat a result of "remarkable teamwork" and said the burger "actually tastes really good."

Black Bear's burger included 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of sliced onions, 40 pounds of pickles and 40 pounds of cheese.

It took about four hours to cook the patty. A crane was used to flip it.

I'm not sure who was responsible for baking the bun, but if had to point fingers, I'd say say they were the weakest link in the whole process. That thing looks like a shitty pancake. Also, I love how the Guinness representative called the burger a feat of "remarkable teamwork" like these folks cured cancer and didn't just make a disgustingly wasteful burger. Just saying, a buddy and I killed two 24-packs of beer on Saturday. Now that -- that's real teamwork.

Hit the jump for a shot of the onions going on.


Thanks to PYY, who agrees making the world's largest anything is usually a bad idea and angers Mother Earth.

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