Universal Studios' Resident Evil & Silent Hill Halloweens

September 19, 2012


So Universal Studios is throwing Resident Evil, Silent Hill and The Walking Dead themed Halloween Horror events at three of its parks. Resident Evil is a Japanese exclusive, but the Silent Hill haunted house and Walking Dead attractions will be at both US parks (Hollywood and Orlando). I'm going to go to the one here in California, and I'm probably going to scream and cry and pee/poop a little and swear I'll never go back, then convince my parents to take me again next year. "He's the world's biggest crybaby." DAD! Not in front of all my friends. "These people hate you, son." I guess the truth hurts sometimes. "Plus your mother and I want you to move out." WAIT, WHAT?!

Hit the jump for some pictures of Resident Evil, followed by Silent Hill and some promo trailers for the events.















Thanks to Shannon, who hates being scared but has a roommate that hides around the house and jumps out at her all the time. Ahahahahhaha, I do the same thing with my roommate!

  • ZomBBombeR

    They'd all be very cool to experience, especially the walking dead one but I'd want a gun with blanks or some sort of fire effect that'd make it way more fun as long as none get close enough where hitting them seems viable depending on the reality of it you might go oh shit out of ammo and rifle butt someone in the head not la good, all close ups should be behind doors and windows and stuff so you couldn't hit and then each zombie has a blood pocket somewhere on the head that explodes when they're "shot at" that'd be epic "survival" as they claim, I know it'd never happen people but I'm aloud to dream.


    I know what I'm doing for Halloween now!

  • Rawwwrrrweeee!

    Will be at the Hollywood Park Friday night, drinking before hand so I don't look like a weenie in front of my date.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I envy all of you people that live in California and Florida. this would be just a simple day trip for you and you probably get a resident discount.


    Yeah, I live right near Orlando. Totally gonna hit this up. Need to find somebody to go with tho..

  • Veronica Martinez

    I wish they gave resident discounts, this is the first year I got a season pass tho now I'm glad I did :D

  • not a fan of R.E. but the Silent hill looks mighty cool

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