Official Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade Replicas For Sale

September 24, 2012


So apparently Gamestop and EB Games are going to start selling these spring-loaded Assassin's Creed hidden blade replicas ($40) October 31st, just in time to pick up and complete your Ezio Auditore Halloween costume for later that night. Of course, if you're not a last-minute kind of guy, you could order one from EB Games in Australia, which I BELIEVE has been selling the same thing for a couple months already. Regardless, it's probably not the sort of thing you want to get caught playing with at an airport. Your peenor either. "But I get bored!" I know you do, that's why I promise to let you borrow my Game Boy after you wash your hands.

Hit the jump for a picture of a tomahawk replica from the new game that's also dropping on Halloween.


Thanks to Dylan, who prefers his blades hidden, just like his treasure.

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