The Popinator Launches Popcorn Right Into Your Mouth

September 17, 2012


This is a video from popcorn purveyor 'Popcorn, Indiana' of the Popinator, a popcorn shooting cannon that allegedly uses a binaural microphone array to identify where you mouth is when you say 'POP', then shoots a piece straight down your gullet. It's not a product for sale, just a marketing campaign for the company, and I'm not 100% sure it's even functional. You never get to see the thing shoot two pieces of popcorn at two separate targets in a single scene, so it might very well be faked. A move that, if not quickly disproved with another video, will require we boycott the company. Orville Redenbacher's never tried to trick us before!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Max, who melts two sticks of butter for every bag of popcorn he makes. not enough.

  • ZomBBombeR

    This is a neat device, no real use for it and what fun is catching popcorn in your mouth if you or noone else is throwing it? But the fact that it alegedly "hears" like we do to aim the cannon at the "target" is pretty cool, if it's at all true.

  • Guest

    I need one for my desk.

  • Job Genders

    Green Velvet - Shake and Pop. Nice song to play while using this device LOL

  • Katherine

    so wasted if they don't sell it

  • Dani

    Can this contraption be used to pop other foods? Like... let's say...cherry for example?

  • ZomBBombeR

    I got it lol.

  • Guest

    Bacon too. :D~

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I see a lawsuit waiting to happen with this choking hazard.

    ...that or a sexual harassment suit.
    walk by a room and see a girl with her mouth open ordering what I would assume to be me to "pop". that will not end well.

  • Mr. Bones

    the Popinator - masking laziness with novelty.

  • 大川 JMizu

    Wait til you see my Poopinator...

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