That Was A Problem?: One Handed Condom Wrappers

September 5, 2012


You know what the most annoying thing about condoms is? The packaging is too hard to open. I'm joking, it's that they don't make them in extra-extra wide. But for those of you that are just too excited about the prospect of having sex with a lady that it makes opening a condom impossible, here's a new design by Ben Pawle. No word how many times Ben's gone limp trying to tear a condom open, but my guess is the number would make us all sad.

The One-Handed Condom Wrapper has a perforated seam, which easily parts when you slide your thumb along the face of the packet. The condom then falls neatly into your hand, ready for use.

Listen: if you can't even open a condom wrapper I'm not sure you should even be HAVING sex. I mean, those things are even easier than ketchup packets. Are you even gonna know what the hell to do with your peen after you put its jacket on? "Wave it around like a helicopter taking off?" I stand corrected.

Hit the jump for a video of some dude showing how easy it is to open one of the packages and slip it on some other guy's clear fake wiener. FULL DISCLOSURE: design was actually created for those with disabilities and not Ben's sexual misfortune. It's just, you know, not as funny that way. Also, if you have one hand good enough to hold the condom package couldn't you just bite it open? The wrapper -- not somebody's dong.

Thanks to nathaniel and Cope, who still use party balloons because you only have to open one package for like 100 of them.

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