Sure Beats 'It's A Boy': Krang Pregnant Lady Belly Painting

September 12, 2012


Seen here with a bull nose piercing (or possible rogue boogie), a pregnant woman shows off her custom Krang belly painting by her best friend/artist Eli Nickerson. It definitely beats the hell out of all the hearts, 'It's a boy/girl', and baby name belly paintings I see scrolling through my Facebook feed. 'You people make me sick!' I'm perpetually yelling at my monitor. "This coming from the guy with penises drawn on his forehead?" THERE'S MORE THAN ONE?!

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who's probably gonna paint a dinosaur on his wife's stomach in a bid to be DINO FAN #1 but he will never beat me (I'm planning a tattoo on my wiener).

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