Study: People With Purple Bedrooms Have The Most Sex

September 5, 2012


...Is that an orgy room?

According to a recent British study (which might not mean anything anywhere else in the world), people with purple bedrooms have almost double the "intimate encounters" (read: sexy times) per week that people with grey rooms have. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to run to Home Depot real quick.

Clocking up 3.49 intimate encounters every week, couples with purple bedclothes, walls or furniture have more sex than those with rooms leaning towards any other colour scheme.

People with red bedrooms notch up a pretty respectable 3.18 sex sessions per week onto their crimson bedposts, while those with sky blue boudoirs manage 3.14.

Putting up a valiant battle not to be outdone by those at the top, people with pink bedrooms make love on average 3.02 times every week, and couples with black rooms slip just below the 3.0 mark with an average of 2.99 times.

Meanwhile, those poor loveless souls in grey rooms tend to have sex only 1.8 times per week, green only 1.89 and beige only 1.97, all below the national average of 2.55.

The study also found that those with silk bedding had an average of 4.35 sexual encounters per week, significantly more than the next closest 2.72 boning sessions for those with cotton. And the person who has the least amount of sex overall? The guy with my bedroom and bedding. F*** man, I couldn't have much worse luck if I was sleeping in my car.

Hit the jump for a chart showing the actual numbers.


Thanks to Charlotte and LupusYonderboy, who heard people who sleep on beds of nails and in coffins have the least sex. The nails I believe, the coffins -- I dunno. Vampires are f***ing kinky.

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