Snake With Heads At BOTH ENDS Found In South Carolina

September 25, 2012


Allegedly a family of yokels in South Carolina found a snake (identified by experts in the local high school biology department as a rough earth snake) with a head at both ends of its body. weird. Of course the local news channel sent a reporter out to investigate, and she came back unable to verify one way or the other if it actually did have two heads because she was too afraid to pick it up and stare into its ass-eyes.

The children's mother, Tina Stewart, told Fox Carolina: 'One head's is bigger and more dominant than the other, but they both seem to control the body.'

She added: 'The main head will do one thing and then the other part's trying to go in the opposite direction.'

But while the snake pulls itself in opposite directions, young Savanna and Preston are also pulled in different directions on what to name the snake.

Preston told Fox Carolina: 'I want to name it Billy Bob.'

His sister chimed in: 'I'll just name it Oreo.'

Ahahahhahahhaha, Preston wants to name it Billy Bob. That's some serious southern shit right there. Now, I'm not saying that finding a two-headed snake is gonna be the biggest thing that ever happens in these kids' lives, because that would paint me as some sort of insensitive monster, and I prefer to be painted in the nude. Make my penis bigger though.

Hit the jump for the news report in which yes, the anchor does ask how it goes to the bathroom.

Thanks to Jason, Sydney, Nathan and SPiT, who have allegedly seen sharks with two heads before but I don't believe them, mostly because I refuse to admit those might actually exist. I like to sleep at night.

  • manali

    This type of snake is very common in India .. every rainy season they are out in our courtyard

  • ZomBBombeR

    It's like that siamese twin that's only getting one of it's faces married.

  • chaiguy

    The *real* pressing question is how does it poop?

  • I think I know how they poo. The side that pushes harder wins and the other loses ...

  • cweigand

    Krom! ..get it...

  • Guest

    Real-life Amphisbaena. ;)

  • Paul Parten

    Call it ouroboros.

  • SoCalledSuner

    I just got one question... How can it poo ?

  • hencam

    Notice how the 'dominant' head (ie: the real head) is alert, searching and tasting the air with it's tongue.

    Compare that to the 'less dominant' head (ie: scar tissue?) which is just dragged around, no tongue, not a head.

  • If one head eats the other time-space collapses.

  • The second "head" looks like scar tissue on a mangled, amputated tail (i.e. scarred stump).

  • $18922249

    I knew renewing the ALCOA lease on the Yadkin River was a bad idea...

  • Oh your god, what have we done!

  • name one head billy bob and the other head oreo. problem solved.

  • Nalyr

    This guy tried to get a show on Nickelodeon, but SnakeSnake just wasn't cutting it in testing markets.

  • peenus

    Ha, bitch. They don't shit out of their tail. The shit out of their cloaca.

  • Ragnogroth

    When it poops, does one of the heads throw up?

  • The end is near.. wink*


  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    whatever you do don't Google images of "snake anus" with safesearch turned off.

  • lol so funny

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