Real Product: Liquor That's Been Poured Down The Chest Of A Busty Model (Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer)

September 28, 2012


Because, just like the old saying goes, "boobs make everything better", G-Spirits (site NSFW -- bare taytays) is a line of rum, vodka and whisky that has been poured down the chests of busty models. Amina (pictured) does all the rum, a blonde named Evelin the vodka, and Hungary's 2012 Playmate of the Year Alexa does the whisky. Bottles range from $150-$180 depending on the spirit, and it's guaranteed that every drop was poured down the chest of the model. No word how it's gathered afterward or if any bottles contain collectibles like hair or dead skin, but we can hope. Now, not to sound too snooty or anything, but I prefer my liquor poured over NIPPLES ONLY. Liquor that's touched underboob, please -- that's a peasant's drink.

Hit the jump for an NSFW (for real toplessness) Youtube video advertisement...or something. Truthfully I don't know WTF I just watched.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who said he was gonna buy me a bottle but probably lied BECAUSE HE'S A JERK. I don't even know why we're friends.

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