Puppytext: A Font Made With Pictures Of Posed Puppies

September 14, 2012


This is Puppytext, a website and iPhone app that let you type with pictures of puppies that have been posed to form letters. Not gonna lie, I was really hoping the apostrophe and dot in the exclamation point were gonna be turds. Speaking of-- "Just stop there." I'm just gonna stop there.

Thanks to Chris, the man behind Puppytext, for understanding what the internet needs.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Honestly I prefer to type in galaxies, but dogs do have their days.

  • Guest

    They need tiny silly hats.

  • Thats a great idea, we will do that with the next litter of puppies

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    did they drug the puppies so they would stay still to be photographed? I figure somewhere around "K" at least one of the puppies would be like "I am done with this shit" and haul ass.

  • No Drugs used. You need the mummy dog on standby, when a puppy starts getting scratchy, you plug it into one of mummies many boobies, 3 mins later the puppy is ready to go again

  • grimbldoo

    They probably did one or two pics a day while the puppies were sleeping.

  • 2 sessions. Alphabet one day, numbers and characters the next.

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