Public Toilet On Busy Sidewalk Made Of 1-Way Mirrors

September 19, 2012


There is absolutely no way I could get a pee-stream started in there.

This is an old installation piece in London by artist Monica Bonvicini called 'Don't Miss A Sec'. It featuring a public restroom in the middle of a busy sidewalk that's constructed entirely of 1-way mirrors. That way the shitter (shittee?) inside can watch all the pedestrians go by while they strain and groan and shift their weight back and forth from one buttcheek to the other hoping that'll get the mud flowing. Or, I dunno, maybe they'll just pee all over the walls yelling, "HAHA, I'm gunning for you, suckers!" Unfortunately, it also makes a great place for a pervert to hang out with his peen in their hand, pleasuring himself to my bod when I approach to pick a piece of broccoli out of my teeth. People in London: they're so much more decent than people here. Here in L.A. the wierdos will just whip their members out right in front of you and point at it. OH -- I SEE IT, BUDDY. I'm not f***ing thrilled about it, but I see it. God, if I weren't so worried about getting stabbed with a dirty syringe I'd run up and kick it.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.


Thanks to beebs, who goes to the bathroom like a lady: she doesn't.

  • Alex

    Why report on this 10 years later! I went there in July 2004. I was looking forward to it for weeks but when I got there it was gone. EVIL FUCKING BASTARDS! Why couldn't they leave it for a reasonable period of time?! If I ever find out who and why they got rid of it so soon, ooohhh arghhh!...... lol

  • The next generation of these devices will turn the mirrors around...


    I've used this back in 2002 in Paris. It was awesome. Ironically Paris is covered in dog poop.

  • Michael Reed

    I'd be afraid some prankster would run by with a baseball bat in his hand and give it a good tap while I was in the middle of a number two. It's always been a nightmare of mine to be caught out in public with my pants down around my ankles!

  • ZomBBombeR

    Wow I can see tons of pervs just being freaky in those things towards the ususpecting passerby's, just weird, I'd use it though.

  • McfeelySmackup

    Slow news day? this is from 2004

  • Guest

    *adds to list of areas of London to visit*
    This is just crazy silly, I would be giggling a lot while making a deposit.

  • Dani

    I bet that if you shine a flashlight you can see inside.

  • GreyGanado

    If the guy inside is the one who shines the flashlight, sure.

  • I lol'd...

  • painweaver

    Perfect for those interested in trying exhibitionism..

  • I wonder how many people on their smartphones, not paying attention to where they're walking...busted their ass right into that thing. My thought...lots. And, and... I would laugh my ass off if I was in there doing the doo and some Shitdip McDipshit walked into on the outstide while I was pooping...

  • It would be a neat idea if it didn't seem tailor made for pervs.

  • NutSpark

    My thoughts exactly. There'll be more spunk on the floor than in the $0.25 movie booths at the adult bookstores.


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