P0rn Specific Search Engine Scours Only .XXX Sites

September 27, 2012


The company behind .xxx domains has just launched a search engine (search.xxx) to scour the 21,000,000+ pages of tits and wieners contained in .xxx websites. It's supposed to streamline the process of finding just the right (read: very, VERY wrong) kind of stuff you're looking for. Personally, I still use AskJeeves, but that's just me and he's my loyal manservant and promised to never divulge any my secrets. "Puppet p0rn." *backhanding* DAMMIT, JEEVES. You're sleeping in the cellar tonight.

Stuart Lawley, the CEO of the group which operates the .xxx domain says the search engine is all about porn:

"It's porn, only porn, all porn. There's as much porn there as anyone would need, I'd imagine."

Lawley says the search engine wil protect user privacy so your weird fetish searches don't pop up in everyday, innocuous searching and wants the search engine to be clean, fast and to the point. In his words, the porn search engine will "have no ads, no videos, nothing on the search engine itself", so that people can take their time and not worry about being bombarded with camgirl ads in finding their source material.

LOL @ "There's as much porn there as anyone would need, I'd imagine." Oh Stuart, what little you know. My roommate starts collecting porn from the moment he wakes up and doesn't stop until long after I've gone to bed. He'll NEVER have enough. He'll also never have a girlfriend. "Porn addict?" No, just really f***ing ugly.

Thanks to Ritz, who searches for p0rn the old fashioned way: with Alta Vista. Alta Vista! You're not gonna find anything but old people doing it!

  • ZomBBombeR

    About fucking time!!! lol j/k but honestly who want to find fully clothed pictures when looking for nude ones?? probably just as upsetting as when your looking for deals on coffee tables and come accross a peen on a coffee table. you know being upset by the unexpected.

  • westmclarenmerc

    Actually this is a good idea, specially if other search engines cooperate with the .xxx search engine. Cooperating in such a way that the regular search engines will no longer provide adult entertainment and finally making it child safe, because even with google's safe search on, you can still find alot of pornography. And if all pornography related searches are redirected to one site, one which children don't know about yet (unless they visit Geekologie, because then this is pointless) you'll never have to explain to your kids why those 2 (or more) people are hugging eachother in such a weird way and you don't have to feel embarrased when they figure out that you've lied.

  • Agent 355

    'bout damn time.

  • jimmy

    number 1 search of all time on this search engine: "free"

  • damn you sick people


    ...oops new tab first

  • This is terrible news - some people will now never see the light of day.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I was about to say...the weekend is coming up. this could be seen as perfect timing.

  • You'll end up with one arm stronger than the other.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    no worries...ambidextrous

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