Outer Space: The Deepest View Of Space Ever Viewed (Almost Reaches Back To The Creation Of The Universe)

September 27, 2012


Note: Worthwhile higher-res version HERE.

This is the eXtreme Deep Field, a composite shot of all the galaxies in a teensy view of space, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope's two primary cameras over the past decade. Look at all those galaxies! And, I hope you're sitting down -- they're all in this amount of space!:


Everything in the main picture is contained in that little box next to the moon. It's estimated the universe is ~13.7-billion years old, and the eXtreme Deep Field depicts galaxies as old as 13.2-billion. Another 0.5-billion and we could see God flipping the light switch on! But that's not what I came to talk about, I came to talk about aliens. If there are that many galaxies in that small amount of space, there must be all kinds of aliens out there. Big ones, little ones, green ones, purple ones -- I bet the universe has them all! And, fingers crossed, strip clubs for every kind. Excuse me alien, but is this a male or female club? "Our species is entirely asexual, human." Hoho, so both kinda! How much for a private dance?

Hit the jump for a video of a simulated fly-through the eXtreme Deep Field. Get high and pretend you're in a spaceship!

Thanks to Sheam, Christopher and barnlet, who all tried throwing rocks at the moon when they were kids because it looked so close. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, you were so dumb.

  • TopTaciturn

    In that time-lapse photo, if they picked another small black seemingly "empty" spot, they'd find thousands of more galaxies there.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Wow that is pretty fuckin' eXtreme, and like @BillGatesIsYourDaddy:disqus said it takes forever for the light emitted by those stars and galaxies to reach us christ it takes 8 min for it to get from the sun to us so yeah it's pretty insane to try and comprehend how the hubble is able to see that far out into space and just to imagine all that space and think we're the only ones here you'd have to be retarded or religious, or both.

  • Jack Z

    It's so vast, so impressive and way to enormous for any human to comprehend. This couldn't have come from nothing right?
    It's pictures like this that proove there really is a God who created everything. There is no other explanation.

  • Hamzah Sultan

    Your comment is evidence that the mind does indeed crash and malfunction when exposed to information too large for an ape brain to correctly process.

  • Bearman

    How can you say the universe is beyond human comprehension, and then go on to conclude something based on lack of human comprehension?
    The simple fact that there are things humans don't understand or cannot grasp, does not prove anything regarding a divine being.Not trying to bash or take your beliefs from you or anything, I respect and admire men of faith. I'm just saying your conclusion isn't valid..

  • luxlucetintenebris

    But of course we're all alone! (sarcasm)

  • Bob Thayer

    What the hell is this, the 80's? The acronym should start with an E, not an X.

  • Andrew

    blows my mind every time

  • thatcando

    what was again before universe? sorry, took a nap at that lesson...

  • Turbo Flange


  • It's soooooooo beautiful. We're so small and insignificant.

  • ZomBBombeR

    In the grand scale of things yeah we're not even ants hell I think were smaller than the higgs bosson particle lol.

  • Hamzah Sultan

    Either perspective is incredible. The physical perspective as you mentioned, the human being in comparison to that image is less than a single subatomic particle in comparison to our body.

    And yet, the philosophical perspective that our brains are as of yet, the most complex thing in the universe we've observed. Admittedly we've observed almost none of it in detail, but so far...that's a fact. Just a brief moment ago (in geological time) we were scrambling around in trees without language, a brief moment later we are looking at the creation of the universe. We're pretty awesome, and pretty tiny too. :)

  • Crucial

    Indeed. It is just amazing and almost overwhelming to even think about it..

  • Rurouni Zanza
  • You misunderstand. I'm glad to feel small and insignificant when it's compared to the enormous, magnificence of the universe.

  • TopTaciturn

    @atheistgirl your comment surpasses all others despite, I'm guessing, you didn't intend to give God the credit for it's truthfulness. The Scriptures indicate what you yourself said. It's noteworthy that Religious Leaders don't and can't comprehend what you posted either, let alone the lemmings they call "The Flock." After forming the total Universe, God crowned this material creation with what has become known as "Man"- the human race.Yes! God's ULTIMATE CREATION was human. Thanks.

  • GW, you should put that pic of the galaxy as backround of the page

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    And just think. Everything that you are viewing there most likely does not exist any longer. In the time that light took to reach Earth for us to view, the galaxies and solar systems have been destroyed by exploding stars, black holes and just crashing into one another.

    ...and let's not forget the Empire destroying planets to find those pesky Rebels.

  • rikster81

    GW, i want more pictures of Uranus

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