Of Course It Is: Curiosity Rover Taking Crotch Shots Now

September 10, 2012


Note: Worthwhile higher-res shot HERE, but be sure to visit the source for an ultra-ultra high res version.

Because I can will things to happen with my mind if I think about them for too long (even accidentally), the Mars rover Curiosity recently took a picture of its privates just like I foretold in a previous post. From the look of things, it has four penises, which seems kind of appropriate. "And it's gonna have four peckers to blend in with the natives. Hey -- cut that out!" I imagine a NASA scientist explaining during a Powerpoint presentation while some @$$hole in the back tries to blind him with a laser pointer.

Thanks to Melissa, who knows what I like and robot genitals are not it. Hey -- I don't have to like something to write about.

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