Obligatory Horn Tooting: My 11,000th Geekologie Article

September 26, 2012


Yes, that's me. Yes, I'm a wizard. No, that's not my DeLorean (you don't need a time machine when you know magic!). This is my 11,000th Geekologie article. It seems like only yesterday I was writing my 10,000th, but time flies when you're in the middle of a lifelong bender. It's hard to believe, but since August 2007 I've been filling the internet with crapola, and you -- you've been reading it. "I only look at the pictures." Please, let a man dream on his special day. So yeah -- 11,000 articles, a million jokes, and more words than there are grains of sand on all the beaches. "About that..." DON'T YOU RUIN THIS FOR ME. What does the future hold? No clue, but I'll probably be gunned down by robots in the street and you'll forget all about me. "GW who?" Exactly. Then out of spite I'll hit you with a lightning bolt from heaven. "You? Heaven? LOL." You're so rude to me. Seriously though: thanks for reading, tell your friends, please don't tell your parents or guidance councelor.

I think you and I should both seek help (but mostly you),

Your Geekologie Writer

  • Tanya

    You're cute!

  • Just so you are aware, there is a motorized vehicle going into hyperspace behind you. Also great job making it to 11k lets keep em' a rolling.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Woot woot! cheers to the G-Dub, btw wicked beard mate!

  • I've been a following your blog since 2008, and I just want to thank you for helping me get through the day at work without dying of boredom...you are a true wizard GW.

  • Guest

    Congrats on the 11kth post! (ノ ^o^)ノ

  • spectre99

    thanks gw, i wake up every morning and look at solarham to see if the sun will explode today, when it doesnt i look to you for encouragement.

  • Crucial


    See you on the 12k mark!

  • YES! I knew you were hot!!

  • Christian Abad

    I love geekologie I read it every day and look forward to your funny little stories more than the content. I love your hate of robots and love for dinosaurs. Thanks Geekologie!

  • Capt Stott

    They say that if you spend 10,000 hours doing anything then you can become a master at it. I guess there's always an exception to the rule.

  • Radlad

    I love this site. The first thing I do when I get home from work is check Geekologie. Funny posts and dino pron is how I unwind. Thanks for all the "hard" work!

  • Is a Wizword a wizard that can turn his beard into a terrible weapon?

    Here's for 11,000 more comments full of crappola.

  • I have been reading this crap blog since 07, and I think either it really is that funny, or it isn't coincidence that in 07 I got entered with a plastic dino figurine by a camp counselor and I thought this was a support group....it's anyone's guess

  • GW, thank you and all the best.
    I would call you a god but then I would have to stop believing in you.

  • Oh GW. You don't understand - my mom loves this site.

  • Thank you, Thank you for making me want to live another day! You fill my head with so much crap, it's unreal, I think I love you!

  • Congrats GW! :D

  • DaisyL

    It looks like you just stopped a wizard in front of a deLorean for a photo.

  • Turbo Flange

    I don't know how to tell you how much I love this website. It makes my day better. Except on the weekends when you don't post anything and then I am supper bored at work...

  • Beesem

    Good job GW, here's to the next 11000

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