Now THAT -- That I Would Buy: Fox News Announces iPhone 5 With Laser Keyboard, Holographic Display

September 18, 2012


Fox News 5 in New York decided to give Geekologie a run for its money in the quality reporting department and produced a segment about the iPhone 5 including features like a laser keyboard and holographic display. The mistake was made after a reporter mistakenly viewed this conceptual iPhone 5 video made by Aatma studios and though that shit was real. People: they'll believe anything. One time I won a potato sack race by popping a boner at the starting line.

Hit the jump for the video taped off someone's TV. The sadness starts at 0:20 with the interview of some joker using an iPad as digital signage.

Thanks to Collin and Aisha, who heard the iPhone 5 was gonna have little jet thrusters so it could hover in front of you for a truly hands-free experience.

  • Rod R

    Wouldn't be surprised if Apple verified this for the TV station given their regular habit of informing you what will be in the "next generation" before they have even sold you the current generation coming off production. They are quick to let everyone know about features that "are coming" already found in their competition's devices and peripherals and the first to point fingers and say everyone else stole the idea from them.

  • GigaDan

    For Christssake, it's not Fox News. It's Fox 5 WNYW, a local New York station.

  • Guest

    It's a possibility, but not for the public market....

  • lasthought

    This was from Fox 5 not fox news.

  • Rod the Retard

    so... no holosexapp for my iphone? :(

  • JJtoob

    Trollololol lolol lolol lolololoooo ♪

  • luxlucetintenebris

    Reminds me of that movie 'the first 20 million is the hardest'

  • HackTheGibson

    Good call I was thinking the same thing.

    However the keyboard and projector are doable already. I am typing this on a laser keyboard that I got from ThinkGeek years ago. Microprojectors are getting better and better quality too.

  • Typo... "
    and though that shit was real"

  • disqus_XTX93BCjDF

    its not real? All this time I thought mine was broken.

  • Alien426

    No, it's - ahem - phony. (Damn, GW, how could you miss that?)

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