Now THAT -- That I Would Buy: Fox News Announces iPhone 5 With Laser Keyboard, Holographic Display

September 18, 2012


Fox News 5 in New York decided to give Geekologie a run for its money in the quality reporting department and produced a segment about the iPhone 5 including features like a laser keyboard and holographic display. The mistake was made after a reporter mistakenly viewed this conceptual iPhone 5 video made by Aatma studios and though that shit was real. People: they'll believe anything. One time I won a potato sack race by popping a boner at the starting line.

Hit the jump for the video taped off someone's TV. The sadness starts at 0:20 with the interview of some joker using an iPad as digital signage.

Thanks to Collin and Aisha, who heard the iPhone 5 was gonna have little jet thrusters so it could hover in front of you for a truly hands-free experience.

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