Nintendo Characters Created From NES Controller Cords

September 6, 2012


This is a small series titled 'Ghost In The Machine' from artist Erika Iris featuring Nintendo characters (plus Pac-Man) created from NES controller cords (probably really long ones). They're admittedly awesome, but if you hit the jump you can see the others that were recently for sale in a gallery for $2,000 apiece. I'm in the wrong damn business. That's more than I make in a, well, that's probably more than I'll ever make.

Hit the jump for shots of Mario, Link and Pac-Man.




Thanks to Michael, who once wrapped a Sega Genesis controller to look like Sonic but his little brother started playing Echo the Dolphin before he could take a picture.

  • TJ Morris

    !!!!! I love it!!

  • paq

    Some time ago, I actually made a super mario mushroom using the chords from several controllers: Nice to see someone else having similar ideas :)

  • Does it kill you she's making $2000 a pop from it?

  • Monketron

    Pacman is not a nintendo character.

  • there is a couple pacman NES games so it still counts

  • 'ECCO' Durrrrrrr

  • "It belongs in a museum"

  • Guest

    Simple, yet awesome. :D

  • Jay

    my controller cords were never that long. if that was the case i probably could've played while laying in bed instead of sitting down in front of the TV.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy this with the Wii.....oh wait....never mind.

  • ZomBBombeR

    lol I appreciate your hummour.

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