Nintendo Announces Wii-U Price, Release Date (Nov 18th)

September 13, 2012


In lieu of yesterday's new iPhone specs, here's some just-announced info on Nintendo's new console to help legitimize Geekologie as a tech blog. I'm doing a terrible job, I know. The new Wii-U console will drop November 18th (Nov 30th in Europe, Dec 8th in Japan) and come in two varieties, an 8GB white "basic pack" for $300 and a 32GB black "deluxe pack" for $350. There's some speculation over how quickly the console will sell because there haven't been any solid game announcements yet, but I imagine parents will still be buying the shit out of them for Christmas. And is it a coincidence I'll be lined up outside the mall on November 18th? Yes. (Victoria's Secret annual two-for-one panty sale)

Thanks to everybody who sent this and the iPhone announcement like I live under a rock or something. IT'S A CAVE.

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