New Cheetah Robot Officially Faster Than Any Human

September 6, 2012


DARPA's new and improved cheetah robot is officially faster than even the fastest human, making running for your life futile unless you just want to die hot and sweaty.

The world record for the 100 meter dash was set in 2009 by sprinter Usain Bolt, who averaged 23.35 mph during his run for a time of 9.58 seconds. Over one 20-meter stretch, he managed to get up to 27.78 mph. It was a pretty impressive feat.

The cheetah robot can keep a pace at 28.3 mph and peaks at 29.3. That's even faster than my car can go. There's a video of the thing in action after the jump, which every single one of you is going to watch so you finally knock it off with all this "robots are our friends" bullshit. You see this thing run and try to tell me it's our friend -- I dare you.

Hit the jump and be terrified.

Thanks to fat piggie, Brandon, Suz, Jamiroquai (oh shishi you're still around?!), allyson, David and Hambo, who all expressed concern in their emails and are alright in my book.

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