NES Zapper Modded Into A Powerful Burning Laser Gun

September 24, 2012


This is a NES light gun that's been modded by the folks at North Street Labs into a powerful burning 2W laser blaster. It can set things on fire. And fire, as you and I both know, is awesome and quite possibly the best toy ever invented. Thanks, Jesus! "Jesus didn't invent fire." Yes huh, isn't he the one that turned water into fire? "It was wine." Fine, wine into fire, whatever.

Using a 445nm diode, some batteries, wiring and imagination, the light gun was painstakingly put together, complete with physical safety lock and custom aim-assisting heat sink. The end result is a bona fide laser shootin' gun, capable of not only setting alight matches from a distance, but setting the curtains on fire too (probably).

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "The dog in Duck Hunt isn't gonna be laughing at us anymore?" Exactamundo. Now -- I'll miss a couple birds on purpose, as soon as he pops up I want you to burn his f***ing retinas out.

Hit the jump for a shot of the insides and a video of the gun in action.



Thanks to John and Evil Ares, who had NES Zappers, Power Gloves AND Virtual Boys growing up. Dammit Ares, then why are you so evil?!

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