MUTAAANT!: Chinese Farmer Finds 19-Inch Earthworm

September 4, 2012


A Chinese farmer discovered a giant mutant earthworm in his backyard when he setting some fruit out to dry. Me? I found my neighbors let their dog shit on my patio again. I'm seriously *this close* to smearing it under their car door handles.

Li Zhiwei, a worker from the Forestry Bureau of Binchuan County, was putting some dates out to dry in his backyard when he spotted the massive invertebrate.

'It looked like a snake. I looked carefully and found it was actually a huge earthworm.' he said.

Biologists intend to study the soil-dweller to determine its classification and understand why it has been able to grow so long in a built-up area

An obvious toxic waste leak aside, can you even imagine the kind of fish you'd be able to catch if you put this thing on a hook? "Sharks." Great whites, homey. "Jaws." Okay now let's not get ridiculous.

Hit the jump of a brief video of Li's new pet.

Thanks to Alon, who once found a 25-foot earthworm in his backyard but it turned out to just be the water hose. Hey -- I do it all the time.

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