Minimalist Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LEGO Builds

September 10, 2012


So I think lunch is either gonna be tuna salad or a bowl of Raisin Nut Bran. This is a small series of minimalist Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LEGO builds by Geekologie reader (and all around stud) Nick D. Good job, bro. I wish I was creative enough to freeball my own LEGO designs. I can only manage to build the sets the exact way the instructions tell me to. "That doesn't look anything like the picture on the front of the box." WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY? "How many pieces did you eat?" Like all them for steps 1-10. It's hard to recover after that.

Hit the jump for several others including a set of enemies and a worthwhile sewer scene.





Thanks Nick, I love how April O'Neil looks like a sexy little yellow grenade.

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