Mind-Controlled Animal Tail Wags When You're Happy

September 25, 2012


From Neurowear, the same company that brought us the mind-controlled wiggling cat ears, comes a tail version called Shippo. A neuro sensor (hidden under a hat. Or worn without a hat so you look like some sort of government testing escapee) reads your mood, and the tail wags accordingly, then tags your mood to your location. Using an app, you can then search for places that made a lot of people happy. SPOILER: the bar.

The tail can recognize two moods: relaxed and concentrating. In relaxed mode, it moves "soft and slow" while in concentrating mode it moves "hard and fast," according to Neurowear. Happiness seems to drive the tail into a wagging frenzy, if the video is anything to judge by.

Hey, I don't need a robotic tail to wag when I'm happy -- my tail will already be wagging. Get it? Because I'll be booty-popping! OH HAAAAAIIIIIIII! *dropping it like a hot potato* "Wow GW, this might be an all-new low for you." Ha -- you just wait!

Hit the jump for a wack-ass video demo.

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, Van and roshan, who saw me dragging a toilet paper tail all day and didn't have the decency to say anything. I LOOKED LIKE A FOOL.

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