Limited Edition Luxury Seiko Star Wars Watches

September 25, 2012


This is a series of limited edition Star Wars watches from Seiko. Each one is inspired by a different character in the franchise and costs around $1,800. *spitting coffee* That -- that is too much. Obviously nobody is gonna buy the C-3PO one despite the cool looking back so those will probably be available at liquidation pricing sometime soon. I suggest you get the digital R2-D2 one though. Then when anybody asks what time it is you can point to your wrist and say, "It's R2-D2!" They'll tell you that's not a time and you'll explain that you know that, but the Geekologie Writer told you to say it and then you'll both have a laugh about what a stupid idiot I am.

Hit the jump to see the rest. I kind of want the Stormtrooper one.






Thanks to Duster and Johnathan, who don't wear watches because their pagers keep the time and all you have to do is look down at your crotch region and there it is.

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