Limited Edition Luxury Seiko Star Wars Watches

September 25, 2012


This is a series of limited edition Star Wars watches from Seiko. Each one is inspired by a different character in the franchise and costs around $1,800. *spitting coffee* That -- that is too much. Obviously nobody is gonna buy the C-3PO one despite the cool looking back so those will probably be available at liquidation pricing sometime soon. I suggest you get the digital R2-D2 one though. Then when anybody asks what time it is you can point to your wrist and say, "It's R2-D2!" They'll tell you that's not a time and you'll explain that you know that, but the Geekologie Writer told you to say it and then you'll both have a laugh about what a stupid idiot I am.

Hit the jump to see the rest. I kind of want the Stormtrooper one.






Thanks to Duster and Johnathan, who don't wear watches because their pagers keep the time and all you have to do is look down at your crotch region and there it is.

  • What is the use of adding these characters to the backside when nobody can see them, I personally don't like star wars.

  • Yes I think if you want the best you need a little more in your pocket.

  • ZomBBombeR

    1.C-3PO 2. Maul 3. Vader 4. R2-D2, it really is hard to put them in that order but when your paying for asthetics then that's what happens at $1,800.00 a pop, though I doubt I'll be obtaining one since the last nice watch I bought lasted a year before it started melting on me.

  • I couldn't afford that! My watch cost me £10.

  • spectre99

    pretty cool but what about the rest of us that dont have 1500$ laying around taking up valuable coke space on the coffee table. dam, the only people that will be able to afford these will prolly want fn darth maul anyway

  • Shane Anderson

    yeah.... When's the next give-away?

  • Robert Van Dyke

    i want the Darth maul one and you know its been awhile since you gave some stuff away hint hint

  • Paul Thomas

    Yeah i thought before i actually seen all of them that Darth Vader's was going to be the best looking one, but i want the Darth Maul one the most. Would be nice....*cough* give away*cough*

  • Closet Nerd

    I think this may be the ONLY time I, or anyone else, EVER says, "I think I like the C3PO one best"....just sayin

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    1. C3P0
    2. Yoda
    3. Stormtrooper

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