LIFX: The Color-Changing, Wi-Fi Enabled, 25-Year Lasting LED Light Bulbs You Control With Your Smart Phone

September 18, 2012


LIFX are dimmable, programmable, any-color-you-want, energy saving LED light bulbs that you can control from your smart phone. Want all the lights in your kitchen to pulsate to the music you're playing? THEY CAN DO THAT TOO. The future, ladies and gentlemen -- it's not super exciting, but it's still cooler that now. The bulbs are rated at 40,000 hours, and can last up to 25 years with average use (~5-hours a day). The project is currently an already-funded Kickstarter campaign (with the $100,000 goal exceeded by $750,000 in three days), so head on over there if you want to pre-order. $69 gets you one, $119 two, $196 four, $294 six, $392 eight and $490 for 10. Definitely NOT the kind of bulbs you want to leave in the sockets when you move.

Hit the jump for the Kickstarter demo video.

Thanks to doug, MotorcycleMan and Jonathan, who agree the future of light bulbs are actually some sort of glowing space organism we haven't discovered yet. RIGHT?!

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