LEGO Ball-Moving Machine With 17 Methods Of Transport

September 18, 2012


This is a video featuring the latest version of Youtube user akiyuky's Great Ball Contraption (GBC). It can move LEGO balls a total of 31-meters at the rate of one ball per second using 17 different methods of transport. Sadly, none of them were teleporting. Or getting batted around by a kitten. The specifics:

size : 1.5m×6.5m

path length : 31m
construction time : 600 hours

1. ball factory (inspired by superbird28) 2. zigzag stair 3. zigzag lift 4. pneumatic (sometimes spilling balls) 5. cup 6. screw T1 7. basket shooter 8. mechanical train (lack of reliability) 9. screw T2 10. screw T3 11. spiral lift T2 12. elevator & coaster (coaster inspired by Hidaka's ball rolling) 13. fork 14. spiral lift T1 & step 15. catch & release 16. belt conveyor & pinball 17. 5-axis robot S750

Impressive, akiyuky, but have you seen the installation I set up in my bedroom? "A bunch of dirty clothes on the floor?" YEP. It literally took months to get it like this. "I think I just saw a mouse." *jumping on bed* EEEEeeeeeeeee -- get it, GET IT!

Hit the jump for a video highlighting all the different modules.

Thanks to Ford and SAC, who have to move their balls with forklifts and sometimes even those break.

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