Kind Of Want: Pianocade, Arcade Games Sound Synthesizer With Joystick And Arcade Buttons

September 14, 2012


This is Pianocade, a chiptunes-style synthesizer and MIDI controller designed to create music with oldschool arcade game sounds. Cool, but is it cooler than THIS? *making fart sounds with armpit* "You worry me, GW." Imagine how I feel!

The Pianocade is a synthesizer designed to sound, look, and feel like vintage arcade games. It's easy for people who want to dive right in, powerful and feature-rich for people who want to tinker, and fun to play for everyone.

With synthesis hardware based off of classic gaming systems and a 128-note range, the Pianocade lets you perform the retro sounds you want, live!

With traditional 5-pin MIDI and USB MIDI, you can use the Pianocade to control other instruments, or use external sequencers and controllers to play the Pianocade.

They're currently accepting pre-orders, with the smaller one octave version going for $250 Canadian (around the same in US dollars), and the two octave for $325. You can just get the guts for $100. I was going to make a joke about getting one and touring as DJ 8-bit but I just looked online and there are already two DJ 8-bits on Facebook alone, so there's no telling how many there are in real life. SPOILER: probably no good ones. Just keepin' it real!

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of a man with disheveled arm hair playing the thing.

Thanks to Amber, who once made a track playing Asteroids and Donkey Kong at the same time. My God those beats were fresh.

  • ZomBBombeR

    You could totally make wicked beats with this thing...WANT NOW!!!!

  • games games games games games

  • Audwin Short

    This would be cool for an Arcade Games Museum or something, but it would get old really quick! Plus it has "may cause seizures" written all over it...

  • JJtoob

    By itself yeah, but I think it would be cool if you sprinkle songs with sounds from the synth.

  • Guest

    That is pretty nice, great for those who want to capture that retro game feel for music.

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