Kind Of Want: Glowing Arcade Coin Slot Belt Buckles

September 17, 2012


This is a $90 glowing coin slot belt buckle by Insignificant Fish Industries. I'm not sure who the insignificant fish is, but you better not say Nemo or you and I WILL be required to fist fight.

This Belt buckle is made from genuine recycled arcade parts that died in the line of duty and have been preserved as a wearable homage to their place in Silicon Heaven.

With the light turned on, it looks exactly like the big arcade machines from whence it came.

I really do want one, I just don't have $90 to drop for a belt buckle right now. You know what I have to use to hold my pants up? A HAND. "You're not even wearing pants." Honestly, I couldn't tell you if I just never put them on this morning or lost them somewhere between home and the office.

Hit the jump for some closeups, including the glowing at night, as well as the NES power button belt buckle they also sell.




Thanks to if industries and if industries' friend Ritzckrakr, who promised to make me a bill acceptor one.

  • Ralph Brown

    Its cool but the down side is wiseguys or gals will just be pushing the REJECT BUTTON every time they see you LOL

  • RDarker

    Still a higher price than one would pay for a night with ____(insert famous Ho's name here)____

  • ZomBBombeR

    Ok I'll just come out and say it, some people have more money than intelligence and those would be the ones that would be willing to pay $90 for a flashy belt buckle, I believe James could make his own if he really wanted to and even if it failed he'd still be ahead $70 as opposed to someones $90 belt buckle collapsing and being out $90, I've spent less than 10 on a buckle and up to 50 for a buckle and I'll be honest the cheaper ones last far longer in my experience than an overpriced designer buckle ever would, I'm not sayin the guy didn't work hard to create this I'm just sayin' most people even if they liked it wouldn't pay 90 bucks for it, it's kind of a niche market for scrap part accessories wouldn't you say? And to be perfectly honest it seems to be cheaply made as far as i'm concerned.

  • ANyone with a little time could reverse engineer this. You just need the piece, you can order it online (pricier) or do some digging (time consuming) and making it a functional buckle, orlighting up, well there are sevel cheap options.. a simple batter operated LED seems how it was done, and with the right two pieces of metal, anything is a belt buckle.

  • ruinedmycheese

    I'm sorry, Tony can't come to the internet right now. he's too busy powering a steam engine by thinking really hard of comebacks for me. please try again later.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Lol that was good.

  • ruinedmycheese

    pretty cool, but $90? hrm.

  • Bob Thayer

    I agree, though this wasn't a mass-market item. It was one of a kind.

  • Cortney A.

    Yeah $90 is kinda steep for the little coin drop one, but it wouldn't be so bad for the Nintendo console one instead of the even crazier $140 they are asking for that one.

  • Tony

    steep? funny that it sold. that's the thing w/ art, you price it how it'll sell as well as making it worth your time. 10+hr working on this would mean he's making less than $10 hr. including cost. still sound like it's steep?

    btw, it's sold already.

  • ruinedmycheese

    just because one person thought it was worth $90, doesn't mean it's actually worth that or worth that much to everyone.

    just like the way you assume that he prices things the same way you would and spent as much time on it as you have estimated, doesn't make any of that necessarily true.

  • Come on, 90 dollars for something you found at the scrap yard? And an LED behind it? what could it cost it to make, 20 dollars, max. Ill just make my own.

  • Tony

    artists hear this all the time. $90 says you DON'T make your own, and even if you did, it's be nowhere near the quality. nor would you suddenly try to become a artist b/c of it. this guy is a professional, university educated, working artist. if he works on something like this, say 10 hours [although it's probably closer to something like 15 or more] he's going to make less than $10hr. including costs. factor that into no health benis, gas or bus fair for the trip and trying to work god knows how many other jobs to support his food and sleeping habits, that's FUCK ALL for pay.

    if you don't want it, don't buy it, if you don't like something about it, critique it with words, but don't be a punk bitch and complain about the cost, it's pathetic.

  • 15 hours? to buy the piece, wire the led and make it into a belt buckle. Eat shit, clearly you either aren't an artist, or you still think the art market demands these sorts of prices for essentially craft products. QUality? how could you fuck this up. its literally impossible.

  • $18922249

    25 cents seems morbidly inexpensive.

  • if industries

    only if you are trying to make a living from selling your goods.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I would hope that my peenor is worth more than .25

    Sadly, the button would be worn out from repeated "push to reject" activity

  • Bob Thayer

    "Insert Token" wouldn't be much better either.

  • That last photo... is that the front or the back?

  • Cortney A.

    It's the front, they're just wearing some weird looking jeans.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    flat ass or flat crotch...equally bad

  • nickanderson1991

    So all the "women" you court have a bulgy crotch? This explains quite a bit.

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