Kind Of Want: Glowing Arcade Coin Slot Belt Buckles

September 17, 2012


This is a $90 glowing coin slot belt buckle by Insignificant Fish Industries. I'm not sure who the insignificant fish is, but you better not say Nemo or you and I WILL be required to fist fight.

This Belt buckle is made from genuine recycled arcade parts that died in the line of duty and have been preserved as a wearable homage to their place in Silicon Heaven.

With the light turned on, it looks exactly like the big arcade machines from whence it came.

I really do want one, I just don't have $90 to drop for a belt buckle right now. You know what I have to use to hold my pants up? A HAND. "You're not even wearing pants." Honestly, I couldn't tell you if I just never put them on this morning or lost them somewhere between home and the office.

Hit the jump for some closeups, including the glowing at night, as well as the NES power button belt buckle they also sell.




Thanks to if industries and if industries' friend Ritzckrakr, who promised to make me a bill acceptor one.

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