It's Eating My Stuffed Animals!: Alien Chesburster Plushie

September 20, 2012


This is the 1:1 scale Alien chestburster plushie from ThinkGeek. They measure 48" long, cost $25, and have an internal wire running their entire length so you can pose them. Now if I were a regular blog I would probably stop here. But since I'm so handsome and INTERNET VALUE ADD, now's the time where I tell you how I'm going to hide one of these in my roommate's bed, then wait for him to lift the covers and freak out. I'll be hiding UNDER the bed, so at that time I'll grab him by the ankles and start pulling him under with me. God willing he'll have a heart attack and I can finally make his room the office I've always dreamed of.

Hit the jump for several other shots and a video of some guy getting scared by one bursting out of a box on his birthday.




Thanks to Lizzy, who doesn't want anything bursting out of her chest but big ol' hooters. Hey -- anything more than a handful is a waste. Somebody told me that.

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