It Will Be Mine: Hungry Hungry Hippos Game Impressively Customized Into Mario Themed Hungry Hungry Koopas

September 11, 2012


This is a Hungry Hungry Hippos game lovingly modified by Flickr user Kodykoala with a Super Mario theme. Kody estimates each Koopa took about 10 hours to customize, and the whole game about 50 hours in total. It will be available for sale at the upcoming El Paso Comic Con this weekend, and I have every intention of hiding under a booth and clubbing the legs out from under whoever buys it and stealing it. Or, I dunno, maybe just getting my penis stuck in a Connect Four game like I usually do.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups.






Thanks to my buddy Terry, who ate a 2-lb lobster, eight dino-shaped chicken nuggets, 5 hot pickle spears, ~80 pistachios, 3 York Peppermint patties and still had room for two Choco Tacos and a handful of marbles for dinner last night. He is so gross.

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