It Was Only A Matter Of Time: People Shooting iPhone 5's

September 24, 2012


Seen here voiding the hell out of a warranty, a 50-caliber rifle round punches a fiery hole (like a butt after Fourthmeal) through a new iPhone 5. You know, because that's how some people spent their weekend/paycheck. Me? I played Borderlands 2 for over 18 hours. There's another video after the jump advertising an iPhone screen protector that stands up to a .45-caliber handgun round, so you may want to consider one of those if you're planning on getting shot at a lot. Alternatively, leave the mafia and get a real job. "Nobody quits the family." You're not even Italian, you just have a mustache!

Hit the jump for the videos.

Thanks to Tyler, Botch Rocket and Cameron, who all three got shot out of cannons this weekend. So jealous right now.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Man, I wish I had the money for an Iphone5, a barrett m82 .50 cal, and that sweetass {I'm assuming} 3000+ frame per second highspeed camera, Instead I have an old Fm transmitter a 180lbs crossbow and a 30 frame per second point and shoot XD oh yeah and I guess a youtube account to get paid for shooting things for fun lol.

  • Dani

    I hope he used the 64 GB iPhone model.

  • Guest

    Will it also blend?

  • Marcus Como

    Absolutely do not understand why people do this, and video it. Why would you spend that much money just to destroy something?

  • enigmaDAEDAL

    Rated RR is a YouTube Partner. The channel makes money, and since I'm fairly certain Rated RR is one of the original Partners, they make lots of it.

  • Guest

    Because, it is enjoyable to watch. Sometimes it may meet certain satisfaction -- for instance a rival.

  • Guest


  • westmclarenmerc

    Well there's a comment for the Redneck Hall of Fame.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    well there is some blatant false advertisement right there.
    That is a Judge either chambered for a .410 or .45

    .45 is a large slug and would have pulverized that phone.
    .410 is a shotgun shell and would have had a spread out pattern on the phone

    the first shot showed a close range shot from the .410 shell.
    the second shot showed a long range shot from the .410 shell
    they were probably standing at least 100yds back shooting at it and 2 low velocity pellets hit the screen. should have just shot it with a Red Ryder BB gun.

    edit: just watched the behind the scenes. they never showed the actual shot where the the phone supposedly survived but they did show the ammo. it's clearly rat-shot which is extreme low velocity created to use indoors and not to damage anything.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Yeah without looking into it so much I kinda figured the same thing with that bullet proof cover, no way a plastic sheet is going to absorb the energy of a .45 without at least cracking the screen, handsdown BULLSHIT!

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