It Was Only A Matter Of Time: People Shooting iPhone 5's

September 24, 2012


Seen here voiding the hell out of a warranty, a 50-caliber rifle round punches a fiery hole (like a butt after Fourthmeal) through a new iPhone 5. You know, because that's how some people spent their weekend/paycheck. Me? I played Borderlands 2 for over 18 hours. There's another video after the jump advertising an iPhone screen protector that stands up to a .45-caliber handgun round, so you may want to consider one of those if you're planning on getting shot at a lot. Alternatively, leave the mafia and get a real job. "Nobody quits the family." You're not even Italian, you just have a mustache!

Hit the jump for the videos.

Thanks to Tyler, Botch Rocket and Cameron, who all three got shot out of cannons this weekend. So jealous right now.

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