It Doesn't Even Beep!: R2-D2 Themed Rolling Suitcase

September 7, 2012


Because in the not so distant future there will come a time where EVERY product is available in a Star Wars variety, here's a 76€ (~$97) R2-D2 themed hard suitcase from Salvador Bachiller. Except it's not officially licensed so you expect George Lucas to be on top of removing them from the market in...3...2...actually his people have probably already been on it since yesterday. Me? I've been on a bender since yesterday. Jk jk -- July. What month is it now anyways -- 10?

Thanks to Krechan, who uses black garbage bags for suitcases because people are less likely to bother you at the airport if you look homeless. Except security. Security will still put their fingers in your ass.

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