I Need Those On My Feet NOW: Panzer Tank Slippers

September 18, 2012


This is a pair of custom crocheted Panzer tank slippers made by Etsy seller miligurumis for her husband. Thankfully, she's selling the pattern for $7 so we can all make our own. And by "we can all make our own" I mean "you can make me a pair". I don't want Panzer tanks though, I want Shermans. And I want them to actually shoot fireworks out of their cannons when I click my heels together like Dorothy. Oh, and if you could put wheels on them like roller skates that would be cool too. "Of cooouuurse, GW, anything else -- maybe some rocket thrusters on the back?" GOOD CALL. "I was being facetious." I don't even know what that means but you call me the second they're ready, okay?

Hit the jump for several more shots from different angles.





Thanks to Keith, who has battleship slippers. I get it -- boats for your boats! I'll allow it.

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