I Love That Man: More "Mr. Wizard Being A Dick" Clips

September 18, 2012


Remember the first "Mr. Wizard's a dick" supercut? WELL HERE'S ANOTHER ONE. This one features what is arguably the the best Mr. Wizard line of all time though: "You know you can do this at home yourself -- you don't need to come over to my house to do it." I tell my friends the exact same thing whenever they come over and start complaining about something. God, go tell that troll of a roommate of yours -- what's her name? "My girlfriend?" AHAHAHAHAHA, DOUBLE BURN -- now get out.

Hit the jump for the man, I would have loved for Mr. Wizard to have been rude to me.

Thanks to beebs, who filmed a pilot episode for Ms. Witch, but all the networks are afraid to pick it up on account of the whole black magic thing. You know those soccer moms -- always worried their kids are gonna turn to the occult.

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