Geekologie Reader Makes ED-E Replica From New Vegas

September 4, 2012


This is the homemade ED-E replica from Fallout: New Vegas lovingly crafted by Geekologie reader Will Brown. As you can see, he did a great job. I actually traveled with ED-E for the majority of my stay in New Vegas. Plus Cassidy for a little bit. Oooh -- and Rex the robot dog and that ogre that liked to dress like a lady. Those were my peeps. And, for the record, yes, I "tested out" Fisto the sex robot. There, I admitted it. Now I can die in shame.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots including a couple of the build process.








Thanks Will, now make me one to hang in my rumpus room. Also, if you could program it to say stuff like "you're so handsome" and "keep up the good work, GW" that would be a great ego boost.

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