Future Dead Island Game Gets An Emotional Trailer

September 21, 2012


I don't care what anybody says, I liked the first Dead Island. I had a lot of fun slicing through those undead f***ers with my electrified machete. Sure the gameplay didn't have anything to do with the cinematic trailer they made for it, but that didn't really get my panties in a bunch (they can't bunch anyways -- it's thong Friday!). This is the emotional trailer for the December 2013 release of Dead Island: Riptide. I might have teared up a little, but only because I'm a delicate flower. But like, with thorns. And a good smell. "So...a rose?" What?! I ain't no namby-pamby rose, brobro. I'm like, an oak tree. "That's not a flower." I'M AN OAK, DAMMIT.

Hit the jump, watch the video, then insist you'd have jumped out there with a kitchen knife and butchered them all even though we know you'd be huddled in the corner with shitty pants.

Thanks to Ivran, who really would have busted out of that boat and hacked everything to pieces. *wink* Suuuuuuuure you would have.

  • that's the most romantic thing I've ever seen, but why did she say olive juice?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy


  • Paul G Rigby

    I had unreasonably high expectations for this trailer after the first was so amazing... This wasn't so much. Also I have a lot of resentment as like many I was duped by a production company not affiliated in any way with a video game producing one of the best cg trailers of all time, only to buy the game and realise it was awful. I don't know how I feel about video game companies outsourcing promotional material.

  • ZomBBombeR

    All in all if the gameplay looks as good as that movie scene did then they've really upgraded the graphics which was much neaded, the first looked cartoonish, and I agree that this probably won't have anything to do with the story but you'll probably be able to come accross the shipwreck at some point in the game likely near the begining, and as much as I love to play new games I'll just do what I did with the first; wait for GOTY:Edition, pay a thrid the price and get all the DLC's free XD. Bring on the Zombocalypse Round Two!!!

  • Grimmrock08

    This was beautiful.
    Makes me want to check on my J Date Profile..

  • AdvancePlays

    That's pretty good. Too bad the movements have an ever so slight stutter to them.

  • whacko

    Soo.. how were those propane tanks sitting so firmly on the kitchen counter of a boat that was on its side? If the boat was on its side, the counter tops would have been vertical and the takes would have fallen off.

    Sorry to ruin your faux emotional moment with a little physics but Dead Island is really pushing it with these trailers that really have nothing to do with the actual game.

  • CB N

    and this is why engineers die alone and unloved

  • The gas tanks are clearly shown on the hob. Hobs on boats are on gimbals due to the movement of the sea, so this is perfectly feasible.

  • whacko

    Look again, neither gad tank is on the hob. Both are sitting on the counter. One is on its side. Neither is connected to a valve and there is no retaining mechanism visible.


  • These guys have a knack for putting together some great trailers for this game. And yes, I would have picked up an oar or something gone down swingin'!

  • Lee

    Dont know if its the CGI, the sequel in the making, or the couples affection to go out with a bang, but it puts a tear to my eye. :D

  • Dead Island was so bad, I kept filling out support tickets on Steam until they gave me a refund.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I cut out the middle man and just didn't purchase it at all.

  • You were smarter than I was.

  • sagravk


  • gopp

    nah, this look more like a bavaria.

  • your diploma should arrive soon

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