For The Ladies (And I): Molded Dinosaur High Heels

September 24, 2012


In "hands down the sexiest f***ing shoes I've ever seen" news, this is a pair of molded t-rex high heels. Unfortunately, that's all the information I have. Well, that, and I think I'm developing a foot fetish. A foot fetish and a rash (athlete's dong).

Thanks to Andrew, splashsos and Curvyrose, who agree if anybody has any more info on these things they should let me know because I will wear them with just panties and strut around in front of the mirror like a kinky princess.

  • original authors of these T-Rex heels are Lucie Jelinkova & Monika Novakova // Awkward Collection

  • ZomBBombeR

    *sigh* they just look wrong, as in, if your gonna make dino shoes at least make them look right.

  • >..

    This is were I believe the picture originated:

  • Guest

    hi, I'm the person who runs that blog, and no, they did not originate from me. My boyfriend sent me a URL leading me to the picture and I blogged it on my tumblr. The url he sent me had no info about the shoes either, before you ask.

  • Guest


  • $18922249

    Oh GW... your usually perfect grammar is failing. Too much of the ole' spirits, methinks?

    "For the ladies (and me)" (Not I. That would be like saying "For I" instead of "For me")

    And then there was that whole breaks/brakes debacle in the "Thor's hammer" post. GET IT TOGETHER, MAN!

    GRAMMAR NAZI, AWAY! ::skips flamboyantly into the hallway::

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I will never be able to take strippers seriously ever again.

  • MorningPanda

    Everybody walk the dinosaur.

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