Finally: Star Trek Cookie Cutters (Icing Skills Not Included)

September 25, 2012


This is a $20 set of Star Trek cookie cutters from ThinkGeek. Each cutter has a spring-loaded plunger that presses the design into the dough. And the designs are (drumroll please): the Federation logo, Klingon Empire logo, the USS Enterprise, a phaser, and the Vulcan salute (aka the Spocker). Into Star Wars and not Star Trek but your mom still bought them for you because she doesn't know the difference? REGIFT. Alternatively, get creative and ice the cookies to look like other things. Let's see here...the Federation logo, you could make those heart cookies for your gilfriend! And the Klingon logo, throwing stars. The phaser could be a wishbone, and, after removing three of the other fingers, the Vulcan salute turns into a hand flipping the bird! "What about the Enterprise?" I suggest eating all those while you ice the others.

Hit the jump for several more shots, including some expertly iced cookies, and a video demo.




Thanks to lilco, who bakes cookies with magic inside. Literal magic. You might fall in love with a princess, you might turn into a bat -- there's just no telling. "Like one of those boxes of chocolates?" Yeah, NO. Those are not made with magic brobro.

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