Finally, A Decent Hitch-Mounted Stripper Pole For Trucks

September 12, 2012


Because why shouldn't you take your strip show on the road, this is Platinum Stages' Hitch Pole. It's a stripper pole that mounts to a truck tow so you can gyrate and booty pop your ass off while in traffic (although apparently not recommended). It costs $550 but sadly doesn't look tall enough for the sort of tricks I like to do. I like to do the ones where you crawl all the way up to the ceiling and then slide down the pole all seductive until you lose your grip with one leg and crash to the floor on your neck. F*** yeah, sympathy dollars. That said, if you buy one and pay me $100 I'll totally grind on it while you weave through highway traffic trying to knock me off.

Hit the jump for a picture of the pole IN USE.


Thanks to lauren, who claims she once did a swirly round-and-round on the pole while her driver took a turn at 30MPH. Impressive!

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