Engineering Students See Sexy Girls Dance For 1st Time

September 19, 2012


This is allegedly a video of a group of Korean engineering students seeing sexy girls (Waveya) dance in real life for the first time. They...really get into it. So much so two guys run off holding hands to presumably make out in a corner around the 0:55 mark. Hey -- lips are lips as long as you don't have a mustache.

Hit the jump for the Korean version of girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

Thanks to engineering student and buddy Ferrous, who has already seen sexy girls dance in real life and he's only a freshman. That makes him like, way ahead of the game.

  • Matt Valentino

    wierd, what they dotn have tv or something?

  • sxacaxs

    ....None of u guys r in engineering r u? It is painful no matter which country u r in.

  • Bob Thayer



    I suddenly feel like a Korean Engineering student right now. Wow.

  • AdamCoates

    The kid with the black hair is the funniest.

  • Adibobea9

    It's like watching popcorn popping…

  • ZomBBombeR

    It's not as funny when you realize they're reacting to them being celebrities, but still fun to think it probably is the first time they've seen a woman that close and undressed at the same time.

  • Err.333

    As opposed to the girls school......

  • why did they stop it right when dr. feelgood was starting!

  • enteng

    haha. i like korean dance

  • enteng

    tray besus danceng like kangaroo

  • But yeah, the girls were....really hot.

  • JT Caban

    Those are the Waveya Dance studio girls (mildly famous) and the crowd looks like high school boys. If I saw that in HS, I'd go crazy too.

  • Woah, I totally thought GW was exaggerating, but he was totally right.

  • James Horton

    GW you have a very warped interpretation of 'sexy'

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    Back in my university, everyone would get a stroke or something... those Koreans are tough :D

  • Blackruby

    can you see them wearing some sorta school uniforms? they are highschool students. no college students are like that imo

  • Tony

    obviously you've never heard of Korea ;D

  • And suddenly there were 50,000,000 gallons of pent-up virgin nerd jizz covering the floor...

    ...only halfway through the show.

    They needed a small boat to leave by the time it was over.

  • JJtoob

    LOL exactly what I was thinking. It was a pretty sexy dance though, fraking good moves!

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