Damn Satan, You Mad Bro?: Fire Tornado In Australia

September 18, 2012


I'm joking, there's no way Satan could be upset right now. With the world in turmoil, that ass-hat is probably popping fresh charcoals into his butthole with the biggest happiness-eating grin you could imagine right now. I say we nuke the bottom of the ocean and try to flood hell. Operation Worth a Shot I like to call it. Fire tornado!:

A small fire was burning in nearby bushland, so Mr Tangey decided to start filming.

He caught the sight of his life.

A twister touched down on the spot fire, fanning it into a furious tower of flame.

"It sounded like a jet fighter going by, yet there wasn't a breath of wind where we were," he told the Northern Territory News.

The column of fire danced about the landscape for about 40 minutes, he said, as he and the station workers stood transfixed.

There was talk of making a quick getaway, Mr Tangey said. But everyone was too hypnotised to feel scared - and he continued furiously filming.

As cool as a fire tornado looks, if I see one I'm not going to stand around filming it for 40 minutes, I'll tell you that. I'm gonna jump right in that sucker. OZ, HERE I COOOOOME. "You're going to burn to death." Not if I jump in a creek and get wet first. "You're right." I know I am. Now: you read up on how to summon a fire tornado, I'm gonna set up some stuffed animals and practice how to hug Munchkins.

Hit the jump for a video/interview.

Thanks to Michal, who claims to have seen an ice tornado though even though I know you can't summon one without using witch's nips and those are like, near impossible to come by.

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