Dammit Mother Nature, WTF?: Flies With Scorpion Tails

September 11, 2012


Because everybody deserves to have nightmares, here's a common scorpionfly (thankfully not that common around here -- I hope). It's a fly with a scorpion-looking tail. But -- BUT -- the end of the tail isn't actually a stinger, it's its pecker. Tehehehe!

Scientific Name: There is a lot of different species and genera of scorpion flies, however they all come under the order Mecoptera. The genera which covers the common scorpion flies is Panorpidae.

Where is it found?: All over the world.

Should I Be Worried?
: No, the fly and the "stinger" are harmless.

: The stinger is actually not a stinger at all but a over sized genitals.They eat dead or dying insects with their powerful jaws. The larvae consume dead insects on the forest floor.

I'm gonna be honest, I'm pretty thankful I wasn't born with a penis that looks like a scorpion's tail. That...would be awkward. "Didn't you say yours looks like Ronald McDonald's friend Grimace?" STILL BETTER THAN A SCORPION'S TAIL.

Hit the jump for a gallery of scorpionflies because f*** your sleep, that's why.






Thanks to lilco, who agrees when we discover bees with snake fangs it's time to GTFO and move to Mars.

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