Custom Leather Mask Turns Your Horse INTO A DRAGON

September 6, 2012


Horses: they're pretty cool in their natural form. But add a dragon mask and they become RADICAL. This custom leather mask, made by Fury-Fantasy (which I cannot in good conscious recommend visiting unless you want to see freaky-deaky women dressed as horses -- I really took one for the team here) can transformer a quarter horse into a quarter dragon. Okay, maybe a 1/6 dragon. I'd ride one into battle, that's for sure. "You, battle -- really GW?" Well, in Skyrim at least.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the coolest horse ever (and he probably doesn't even know it!)




Thanks to my buddy Terry, who once ripped the streamered handle off a kid's bike and jammed it up his ass to look like a sparkly unicorn tail. Plus hot-glued a dildo to his forehead.

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