But It's For Planes, Not Boats, Silly!: Conceptual Airport For London To Float In Middle Of Thames Estuary

September 10, 2012


This is a conceptual $80-billion airport proposed by architectural firm Gensler to be built in the Thames Estuary to help take some of the burden off Heathrow Airport's two runways (that are already operating at over 98% capacity). Why floating? Because there's no more room on land! I dunno, I say they just build it in the midwest, like in Iowa or something. "Let me get this straight -- a London airport...in Iowa?" Pretty genius, right? I bet land is mad cheap out there.

The concourse would sit in the center of the Estuary, and four tethered runways, each five kilometers long, would float around it. Access to the airport would be provided via a new high-speed underground railway that whisks travelers either to London or off to the rest of Europe. Want to take your car? No problem, as the plans allow for three parking terminals nearby on land.

I can see it now. Flight 782 to tower, where the hell is runway four? Over. "Tower to flight 782, runway four drifted out to sea, over." Also, we should probably ask for Poseidon's blessing before building any airports in the middle of a body of water. "I'm gonna wreck that shit just like I did Atlantis." See?!

Hit the jump for a much more zoomed out shot of the port of airs.


Thanks to Francesco and alex, who agree the best way to help prevent airport traffic is to kick everybody out the plane at 10,000-feet with parachutes. WHEEEEEEEE!!

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