Bruce Willis May Sue Apple To Ensure His iTunes Library Can Be Passed To His Kids When He Finally Dies Hard

September 4, 2012


Dies Hard, get it?! My God I'm probably the fourth funniest person I know.

UPDATE: Has since been denied by his wife (who isn't Demi Moore anymore -- news to me!) on Twitter. God, I just don't know what to believe.

Bruce Willis is sizing up potential legal action against Apple to ensure his massive iTunes music library can be passed to his children when he dies instead of being returned to Apple. "But daaaaaad, we hate your music," I imagine all his daughters crying in unison.

Willis has discovered that, like anyone who has bought music online, he does not actually own the tracks but is instead 'borrowing' them under a licence.

Most purchasers do not bother to read the details of the terms and conditions they agree to when buying an album but the small print makes it clear that music bought through iTunes should not be passed on to others.

One approach he is reportedly considering is to ask his legal team to establish family trusts as the 'holders' of his downloaded music.

Another option is to support ongoing legal action in five US states to give downloaders more rights to do what they want with their music.

Alternatively, Bruce, and I'm just throwing this out there -- wait for your daughters to start dating deadbeats and then cut them all out of your will. "Haha, the ol' disapproving dad maneuver -- I like it!" Yippee-ki-yay, problem solved.

Thanks to Cayne, Atommix, Roberta and cylontehlion, who agree if we're really just borrowing music then it shouldn't cost nearly as much. Just saying, the library let's me have four books at a time for free.

  • Garrett Spicer

    His daughters probably bought $3000+ in songs from iTunes through his account.
    This isnt as weird as it seems.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    and this is why you should pirate all your music

  • ZomBBombeR

    Agreed, I pay I own thats how I see it, and if it's not mine after purchase I'd rather just pirate.

  • Jake Burgoyne-Lock

    or you could burn the music to CD and re import, cheaper often to buy the CD in the first place. Screw itunes

  • 100% false he said it was false. GW STOP reading the mail, they just are a bad bad bad source of news

  • Ben

    Dude, just give your kids your password.

  • the antagonist

    Come on GW. I know Geekologie posts up a lot of stuff later than other sites, but posting stuff that's already been debunked? Step up you game, man!

  • It's been debunked..not a true story.

  • Null

    I saw this earlier and I'm 90% sure that it said that it was fake, sorry to be a buzz kill.

  • Veronica

    Just because you buy it doesn't mean its yours. = Apple logic

  • the antagonist

    Not just Apple logic. Amazon MP3, Google Play, and a lot of software downloads impose similar restrictions.

  • Gordon Freeman

    But not Pirate Bay :)

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