Study: Majority Of Americans Believe Weather Can Affect Cloud Computing (Because It Has To Do With Clouds)

September 4, 2012


Because the majority of Americans are dummies and like to prove it regularly on my Facebook feed (my friends are actually on the lower end of intelligence), 51% of recent survey participants expressed a concern that rain or other inclement weather could affect cloud computing because they think it's actually related to clouds in the sky. "That computer looks like a dragon," I imagine someone in middle America saying while watching the clouds from the top of a hay bale.

Of the 1,004 people surveyed, the majority thought the term "the cloud" was related to actual clouds in the sky and 29 percent thought it had to do with weather conditions. Only 16 percent recognized the cloud as the common term when referring to a computer network that stores data for Internet-connected devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones.

However, nearly 60 percent of respondents believe that the "workplace of the future" will exist entirely in the cloud. When asked about advantages to conducting business over cloud computing, over a third want to use it in order to avoid specific people at work and approximately forty percent would like to use it at home to avoid getting dressing in the morning.

Ahahahahahaha, so the majority of people don't even know what cloud computing is, yet are still convinced it's the workplace of the future and will be used to avoid the coworkers they hate and prevent them from having to wear pants. America, ladies and gentlemen! We haven't put a man on the moon in 40 years, I'm just saying.

Thanks to Mr. Potato Head, who has a giant cavern for storing extra body parts instead of a brain and is still smarter than most of these people.

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